Applying for Membership

Zero Bond maintains a rigorous process in regards to member selection. While we do not discriminate based on race, socioeconomic status, or profession, we are highly particular on character. We will only accept members that display a high level of integrity and demonstrate an ability to contribute to our Zero Bond community.
Upon submitting a formal application, the membership committee will review and render a decision on acceptance after taking into account all aspects of the person’s character.

Applications include basic information like Name, Address, Contact Information, and also information about one’s career history. Perhaps most importantly though is the applicant’s response on questions such as, “What do you think you will add to the Zero Bond community?”

To reiterate, Zero Bond is not looking for one type of person, but rather an eclectic group that brings together diverse yet strong values in order to create a valuable membership experience.

In addition to completing the written application, applicants must have letters of support from at least one existing Zero Bond member.