A Place Like No Other
Re-imagine the experience of membership and the opportunity to belong to an eclectic and stellar community that is the Zero Bond private members’ club. Born into the heart of a culturally historic neighborhood in its ascendancy, Zero Bond is the new gathering place.
Zero was the last number ever created. It filled a void that cultures across the globe did not even realize existed. Without the concept of zero, mathematics and science had limitations; cultures could not fully achieve what they were destined to become. Zero is not even, it’s not odd; zero is not positive or negative. Zero is it’s own identity.

Just like the number zero transformed ancient society, Zero Bond is redefining the membership club experience for the future society.
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Zero Bond maintains a rigorous process in regards to member selection. While we do not discriminate based on race, socioeconomic status, or profession, we are highly particular on character. We will only accept members that display a high level of integrity and demonstrate an ability to contribute to our Zero Bond community.

Upon submitting a formal application, the Membership Committee will review and render a decision on acceptance after taking into account all aspects of a person’s application.
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Zero Bond is a twenty thousand square foot private membership club in the heart of Noho. The club will have something for every member at every hour, with days filled with comfortable workspaces, a quiet library, a lively lounge, a fun recreation room, private conference rooms, multiple restaurants, a coffee shop, a broken coconut, a screening room and a rooftop! Whether you’re meeting a friend for lunch or a drink, hosting a meeting with an investor, or going on a date, ZeroBond will have exactly what you need and desire.

In New York, people’s homes don't have live space/ host space/ play space/ work space, and people don’t want casual offices or formal homes. Zero Bond is in the middle and provides the perfect complement to city living.